I   will   give   you   every  place    you   set   your   foot   as   I   promised   Moses  
Joshua  1:3

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Monthly missions update

Pacific  Youth    South Texas   update!!     NOVEMBER    2022

Dear Stonecreek Church family,

Things have been very busy with ministry, medical issues, teenagers and just keeping the home running. Caleb just turned 17 this week and he is taller than me now. Joshua and his family live nearby so we also have them more regularly in our life now too.

I started having angina everyday and Rhoda’s long Covid got worse after catching it again in late July, she went down to about 30% of her former self. We both took a 35 day flow therapy (EECP – Enhanced External Counterpulsation) to help me with my angina and Rhoda is still doing her 35 days to help with her circulation. She is up to about 45% of her old self currently and my angina is much better. Flow therapy creates new blood vessels for blood flow. Since Rhoda is not able to work much she is retraining to do a new job (computer coding) as she may be able to do that more easily due to her long Covid, as she can do it when she feels good and rest when she doesn’t. This and inflation have hit us hard financially, but God has always provided so we have to trust Him.

I am having surgery on my botched hip operation from December 2020 on December 12th. They are going to lengthen my IT band to relieve the pain from the overstretching that was done previously. The pain was too great to do my main PT exercise so this is the only hope of allowing me to keep active and healthy hopefully.  I am very apprehensive about this as it is the same surgeon and I will have to use a walker for 1 month and have more restricted sleeping and sitting positions while I heal for 1 month. I will have to miss some ministry and this is very hard to leave my little hurting flock. There are already staff shortages and they are usually run short around Christmas even more so, so this is why I choose December to do it.


35  girls saved so far this year

I did finally move my mentoring/foundation course to two Bible studies on Tuesday and two on Thursday. Unfortunately staff shortages are hindering attendance as it is a 5-1 ratio by law, so they often move them to the administration building to be watched by admin staff. This is very discouraging for I know I’m bringing God’s words of life and healing, and love and encouragement to give them that they so desperately need. It is also frustrating because I work hard to prepare what they need to hear at this time in their life and I watch half of those who would attend go to the admin building. I have to trust God and leave it to prayer alone and minister to whoever is left.

We have one new volunteer Phyllis and another one processing. I have met with one church and sent out letters to a few to try to recruit more volunteers. I am trying to find time to send out letters to local Churches, all I need to do is address the envelopes and research who the contacts are, but time…..  I am meeting Thursday for training for our newly processing volunteer, named Shani. So these are all answers to our last prayer requests.

I am currently doing a series at Chapel called “The 10 Most Important Things You Need to Know”. This Monday is on sex. Talking to sexually abused girls about sex is very tricky. Due to being sexualized at a young age they are prone to sexual immorality and thus the consequences there of, so this is why it is important. I would love your prayers!

PrayMore staff to be hired at the treatment center
This Monday’s Chapel is on Sexual ImmoralityMonday’s - ChapelTuesday & Thursday - Mentoring/foundations
Nov 21-22 Encounter outreach Rhoda to get better from Long Covid
Dec 12th- IT band operation
Dec 12th- New grandbaby due
Josiah just broke his hand playing basketball - please pray for complete healing and for it not to affect his school work (it is his writing hand)

Central   Asia    Missions   update.!!      September  2021 

Global   Pendulum   August   updates !

Dear Stonecreek family,
Global pendulum update: just returned from Kenya training up Pastors in a town of Kericho. They love the Lord so much but lack any real knowledge about ministry. They are excited to take Kenya for Christ!
Attached is the latest newsletter that you can share freely. We covet your prayers! Blessings Pastor Dan 
"The SPIN (Serving People in Need) ministry is a local mission that Stonecreek Christian Church operates, administers, and supports. SPIN serves both those in our Stonecreek family and in the RSM area and surrounding communities. Examples of serve opportunities include: providing meals to those recovering from illnesses or hospitalizations, delivering groceries to struggling families, yard cleanup/home repairs for our elderly or disabled neighbors, visiting home-bound residents with communion, friendship and fellowship, plus many other opportunities as the needs arise and are brought to the church's attention. SPIN is a way for us to connect with the people in our community so they may develop a relationship with a family of believers at Stonecreek, and more importantly, so they may develop a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are never exactly sure what SPIN opportunity awaits, but we know it will lead to an encounter with Jesus, both for us and for those we serve!"
Charity on Wheels' mission is simple. Rescue people struggling with poverty and homelessness. Our goal is to see people restored, thriving, and back on the road to self-reliance. Each week we visit neighborhoods, parks, alleys, riverbeds, and shelters to invite people to our gathering(s). We serve food but we are not just a "feed" or soup kitchen. Our volunteers sit down with guests to enjoy a meal together in order to establish relationships; this helps us to better assess needs. We often have music, a testimony or teaching, and dessert. Our guests are showered with love. No one leaves without an encouraging word and many are changed (both visitor and volunteer) after attending. We also give out toiletry items, shower passes and clothing.


Support this ministry reaching people in Nepal and Kenya

South Texas

Pacific Youth Corrections  will glorify God by serving to fulfil the great commission. We will create or facilitate model chaplaincy ministries with incarcerated and at-risk youth through intervention, prevention and continuity of care

Central   Asia